Honors Symposium: Dr. Meredith Clements

Dr. Meredith Clements is Assistant Professor of Communication and Speech Studies. She specializes in health communication. Her research uses predominately qualitative methods to examine relational and political problems related to health information technology, gender, and healthcare organizations. Her talk for today was “A Glimpse into Health Communication,” which gave students a glimpse of her research in the health humanities. In this talk, she discussed electronic medical records and the ways in which they convey but also interrupt communication between patients, doctors, and hospitals. She also covered the ways in which art can convey sympathy for cancer patients, a subject that falls under one of Dr. Clements’s specialities, “arts-based research” and “narrative inquiry.” Dr. Clements has published on a number of topics in her discipline, writing articles about student/instructor rapport during Covid-19; the regulations and challenges associated with electronic medical records and patient portals; and the use of poetic narrative during advanced-stage cancer. You can read more about her publications here.

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