Megan Darling at Oxford

Greetings from Oxford! My experience here has been so incredible that it’s hard to put into words! From going to London to tour places like Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament to exploring beautiful areas local to Oxford like Port Meadow and the Ashmolean Museum — it has truly been like living a dream.

While I’m here, I have the honor of studying seventeenth-century British Restoration drama and eighteenth-century literary authors like Samuel Richardson and Henry Fielding. Although reading and essay-writing take up a good portion of my time here, I can say that studying in historical libraries like the Radcliffe Camera never gets old. My tutors here never fail to inspire me, and they always encourage me to look at things from a different perspective.

As with every new experience, take time to savor it. There are cafes and restaurants around every corner, accompanied by gorgeous parks and grand buildings to take in, too. My favorite moments here so far have all included getting to know new people, whether that’s at a 5K through Christ Church Meadow, in the cafes down Jericho, or on the tours provided by the Oxford Study Abroad Programme.

I am forever grateful to the University of Tampa’s Honors Program for this opportunity. To anyone reading this who is considering applying: please do! You never know what new path you may get to explore.


Megan Darling

(P.S. In case anyone is wondering, the cinnamon roll is from Barefoot Cafe. Highly recommend it!)

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