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Pre-covid First-Year Socials

Honors orientation is virtual tonight, 8/27/21, from 6pm-7pm on Zoom. A link was sent to your ut.edu email address multiple times over the last two weeks. If you’re still missing the link after searching spam/your inbox, please write uthonors@ut.edu to ask for the link to the event.

The UT Honors social is still taking place at 8pm in McKay tonight (8/27/21). Covid protocol for this event will be that all students will wear masks, meals are boxed and will be picked up in the McKay kitchen/common area, and all socializing will take place outside McKay in the common outside space and in Plant Park, where students can spread out and distance. There will be no eating inside. Students should keep masks on when interacting with others and not eating. Bring your ID to the social. The Honors Directors will be checking your IDs to ensure you’re in honors. Sign-in protocol will be to scan a QR code with your cell phone. The event is worth 10 ACE points in the Engagement category. If a student does not feel comfortable attending this event, even masked and outside, Honors will be offering other Engagement opportunities throughout the year.

The orientation was recorded here for anyone who missed seeing it:

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