Oxford Abroad Spotlight: Emma C. Savoie

Emma overlooking the city of Oxford, England.

Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore once said, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” Going to Oxford University has been one of my dreams since I was little, and I cannot believe I am actually here, no longer just dwelling on, but actually living my dream. From the spires of Christ Church College, to the Great Hall, to the rigorous one-on-one tutorials and the nuanced history of the school, Oxford has met and exceeded all my expectations.

My favorite experience so far has been travelling. The OSAP program organizes several trips, and we were able to explore the Medieval Warwick Castle and Westminster at London. One of my tutorials is English Architecture, and I especially love seeing how the designs I have been studying and reconstructing fit into the buildings around England. In addition, the resources at Oxford for each of my tutorials have been incredible. I love reading in the Bodleian Libraries, especially my college library, Trinity College. All the Architecture styles I am studying, Classical, Gothic, and Norman, are present right around Oxford, and so I can go and actually see these styles and draw them on location.

The tutorials have been incredible. It is such a unique experience to get to discuss, ask questions of, and learn from an expert in your field in a setting where you get their undivided attention. I’ve written essays, constructed drawings and plans, researched, and engaged in discussion on so many topics I am interested in, and I am so grateful to the UT honors program for giving me this opportunity!

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  1. This opportunity sounds amazing! I was just in England and would love to go back to study and explore! How does applying for this work and what are the requirements?

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