Symposium: Mario Chard’s Land of Fire

Born in Utah to an Argentinian immigrant mother and American father, author Mario Chard offers a unique and fascinating perspective on a variety of things. This becomes clear as you leaf through passages of his poetry, each more gritty and moving than the last. Land of Fire, his greatest work, has won a variety ofContinue reading “Symposium: Mario Chard’s Land of Fire”

Symposium: When Rap Spoke Straight to God

“Fearless” is a word that comes to mind for many when discussing the style in which UT Professor Dr. Erica Dawson writes. She is forward and unabashed, and that translated into When Rap Spoke Straight to God, her newest book of poetry. Dr. Dawson took the time to share her perspective and passion with Honors students in a recent symposium, inContinue reading “Symposium: When Rap Spoke Straight to God”