Oxford Semester Abroad – Maya Patel

The University of Oxford is truly a magical and harmonious place. Centuries of history precede you as you walk on cobblestone by the ornate libraries, yet there are modern cafes and shops all around you. All of the University customs are steeped in tradition, including formal hall, which has been a surreal dining experience. EveryoneContinue reading “Oxford Semester Abroad – Maya Patel”

Oxford Semester Abroad – Marcella Benner

Oxford has been an incredible experience so far! The city is full of amazing architecture and history that dates back hundreds of years, providing an amazing atmosphere to learn and live in. While the tutorials are intense, they are also flexible. I really have the opportunity to explore my major in unique ways and diveContinue reading “Oxford Semester Abroad – Marcella Benner”

Study Abroad – Borneo – Katie Serba

Honors student Katie Serba was able to participate in a travel study course through UT’s Biology department to Borneo during the summer of 2019. Here’s a description of the experience: “In Borneo, we learned about different conservation efforts (replanting trees, creating ropes for orangutans to use to cross rivers, nest boxes for birds, reducing palmContinue reading “Study Abroad – Borneo – Katie Serba”