Painting in the Park

Students gathered for Painting in the Park last week as a way to destress and enjoy each other’s company. The event took place in Plant Park at sunset and was planned by the Honors Executive Council’s On-Campus Activities subcommittee, who provided the supplies. The HEC says to look forward to several other events like thisContinue reading “Painting in the Park”

Top Golf – Honors Excursion

The off-campus excursion subcommittee of the Honors Executive Council organized a trip to Top Golf for about 15 Honors students. We had two bays side-by-side and played a couple of rounds of various games. We had a lot of different skill levels involved, from a member of UT’s golf team to people who had neverContinue reading “Top Golf – Honors Excursion”

Valentine’s Day cookie decorating and trivia

The on-campus activities subcommittee of the Honors Executive Council organized a cookie decorating event for Valentine’s day. Students got to decorate and then enjoy cookies while playing music trivia. Joellen Callahan informed us that the music trivia was all based on sappy love songs.