NCHC in New Orleans

Dr. Ryan Cragun, Co-Director of the Honors Program, accompanied two Honors students, Brianna Kelly and Abigail Nelson, to the National Collegiate Honors Council conference in New Orleans. Abigail presented a paper from work she has done as part of the Honors Program at the conference, analyzing Charlotte Temple with an eye toward psychological and psychiatricContinue reading “NCHC in New Orleans”

International Whale Shark Conference in Australia – Katie Serba

Honors student Katie Serba presented her research at the International Whale Shark Conference in Australia during the summer of 2019. Here is a brief description of her experience: “I was actually the only undergraduate at the conference, so I was able to make many new connections with other researchers and professors, as well as shareContinue reading “International Whale Shark Conference in Australia – Katie Serba”

Honors Students Present at Florida Communication Association convention

Professors Chris Gurrie, Meredith Clements, and Kristen Foltz took several Honors students to the Florida Communication Association convention over the October 19-20 weekend. The students received a variety of awards, including: Best Scholarship, Crowd Favorite, Visually Appealing, and Best Oral Presentation.