Making News – Kellie Etling and Caitlyn Johannes documentary

Recent Honors Program graduates, Kellie Etling and Caitlyn Johannes, submitted their short documentary, Queerly Beloved, to the Amazon Prime All Voices Film Festival and it was accepted. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the video here. The video explores gender, sexuality, and the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals.

TIME’s Person of the Year: Selene San Felice

TIME Magazine consistently makes an effort to honor heroes and survivors in their TIME’s Person of the Year edition. In the 2018 issue, they did so by recognizing the Capitol Gazette and their staff members. On June 28th, 2018, five lives were lost to a mass shooting held in their offices. During this atrocity, shielded beneath a desk, reporter and UT alumnus Selene San Felice hid from the gunman. Luckily, she remains with us as one of those spared. During an interview with reporters, San Felice claimed that she would never give up her life as a journalist, stating that it “is what [she] is meant to do,” even after she “was almost killed for it.” It is a great comfort to know that even in the face of tragedy and loss, individuals like San Felice remain steadfast in the pursuit of their passions and drives. She is a testament to strength and loyalty: a true Spartan. It is a great honor to UT to have brave and steadfast students and alumni such as Selene San Felice.

Published Works: Nejat Nassir

The buildings of Downtown Tampa towering behind Honors student Nejat Nassir (2018)

Out of the many accolades and accomplishments that students seek throughout their time at the University of Tampa, becoming published remains as one of the most highly regarded. Nejat Nassir managed to snag a publication with the work she created in NUR 346, Expressive Arts in Healing: Health Promotion Through the Arts. Coming from a family of migrants to the US, Nassir views the refugee crisis in Syria with a heavy heart; as such, she responded with actuation rather than apathy, performing meaningful research into easing the burden of migration through artistic expression. Nassir views the expressive arts as a powerful “catalyst for change” and thus researched the ways in which various modalities of artistic expression can influence emotional rehabilitation. The International Expressive Arts Association (IEATA) showcased her work on in their official newsletter.

Good work, Nejat!

Making News – Jessica Elson

The cover image for the story from the UT Journal on seahorses
The cover image for the story from the UT Journal
Honors student Jessica Elson was recently highlighted in a UT Journal story on the work being done on Sweetings Pond on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas by UT professors Heather Masonjones and Emily Rose. The story noted Jessica’s important contributions and insights to the project as well as her own independent research she is conducting as part of the research team.