UT Honors Program Hosts Inaugural Spaulding Speaker Series featuring Dr. Robert Agnew

On March 31, 2022, Dr. Robert Agnew, gave his lecture, General Stain Theory: An Overview and Policy Implications.” Dr. Agnew is the creator of the general strain theory of delinquency in the field of Criminology. He explained general strain theory states that certain strains or stressors, such as economic problems and peer abuse, increase the likelihood of crime. These strains create negative emotions, including anger and frustration. Individuals sometimes cope with these strains and negative emotions through crime as a way to reduce or escape from them. Examples include crimes such as theft to obtain money; revenge against the source of strain or related targets (such as assaulting abusive peers); or use and abuse of illicit drugs to alleviate negative emotions.

During his visit, Honors students had opportunities to meet and interact with Dr. Agnew during hosted lunch and dinners. The students asked Dr. Agnew about his research, shared their research interests and career goals, and discussed the future of Criminology.

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