UT Honors is proud to present the inaugural Spaulding Speaker Series featuring Dr. Robert Agnew, creator of the general strain theory of delinquency in the field of Criminology.

Date and time: Thu, April 7, 2022, 6pm to 7pm

Location: 9th Floor Vaughn in the Crescent Club

Tickets (free/open to public):

The creator of this series is David B. Spaulding, the younger of the two sons of the University of Tampa’s founder and first president, Frederic H. Spaulding.

This series emerged from summer conversations held between David and his nephew Frederick C. and Frederick’s wife Victoria. David is deeply concerned with understanding human nature. He is interested in what causes people to act in socially destructive ways. It is his hope that by promoting a greater awareness of the factors that lead to those behaviors, that we may find better ways to manage them. The Spauldings will always have a special place in their hearts for the University of Tampa and hope that this lecture will enrich the instructional program in a small but significant way. 

About Dr. Agnew: Robert Agnew is Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Emory University. His research focuses on the causes of crime, particularly his general strain theory of delinquency. He has published over 150 articles/chapters and seven books, including Toward A Unified Criminology: Integrating Assumptions about Crime, People, and Society (NYU Press, 2011); Pressured into Crime: An Overview of General Strain Theory (Oxford, 2006); and Why Do Criminals Offend: A General Theory of Crime and Delinquency (Oxford, 2005). He served as President of the American Society of Criminology (ASC), is an ASC Fellow, received the ASC’s Edwin H. Sutherland Award, and was elected to the Southern Sociological Society Roll of Honor. 

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