Oxford Abroad: Lauren Marolf

Oxford has been everything I dreamed it would be and more. The weeks have flown by so the best advice I can give to students attending Oxford in the future is don’t hold back! Try to experience something new every day. Between the museums, parks, libraries, cafes and college events, there is so much to see – even just in Oxford. Most of my days contain essay work, meeting up with friends at cafes and attending evening formals, concerts, and balls. To any future student of Oxford: schedule time to breathe. Go on walks and take it all in. Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university in the world – there is so much rich history you get to share with brilliant minds that came before you and with ones that will come after you. 

Another note I would make for students attending Oxford in the future is, ask faculty members and students to coffee; learn what you can from those around you. I’ve attended quite a few networking events while I’ve been here that I have never regretted attending. Because of technology, it is easy to meet someone once and stay in touch with them forever.

Highlights of my trip have included studying in Duke Humfrey’s Library, playing on an Oxford Blues Sports team (go Futsal!), walking along the River Thames by Christ Church Meadow, going to formal dinners in college, and meeting other OSAP students from around the world.

I am excited to be back in Tampa and to share more of what I’ve experienced in Oxford. It’s been an incredible journey that has made a lasting effect on my future – one that I will never forget.

See you soon Tampa,


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