Oxford Abroad: Catie Valentino

Hello from Oxford! I cannot believe it’s been almost three weeks since arriving here. I cannot possibly express how unbelievable it’s been, and how much I’ve grown in just the first few weeks. From the food to the language differences to the architecture, Oxford surprises me every single day. 

Seeing that it’s my first time leaving the US, I was nervous about studying abroad. Thankfully, OSAP and everyone in Oxford was more than welcoming. The greatest piece I could offer is this: ask questions. Not once have I asked for help from a tutor, the OSAP office, a neighbor, or a stranger on the street and not received it. 

I think the best thing about studying here is, of course, the academics. The University has 101 libraries in total, and the resources are endless. Working closely with a tutor has pushed me intellectually and has proved to me the value of academic research for personal development and knowledge. 

I can’t recommend this experience enough!


Catie Valentino

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