Symposium: Can Body Recomposition – Can trained individuals lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

Dr. Edourdo De Souza gave an Honors symposium about the possibility of burning fat and building muscle simultaneously. He suggested that achieving such goals are influenced by everything from nutritional intake, to sleep, to hormones. Dr. De Souza is an Asst. Professor in Health Sciences and Human Performance whose research has covered neuromuscular adaptations induced by resistance training. More specifically, his work examines the effects of different progression modes on neuromuscular, performance and body composition adaptations. This symposium will be made available under “recorded symposia” 1 to 1.5 weeks after the event.

Dr. De Souza offered this link for calculating energy expenditure. For those who’d like to read his research, he offered this article about body recomposition:

And those who would like to see his slideshow can check it out here:

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