Florida Collegiate Honors Conference

On Feb. 13, 2021, UT Honors students Noah McNair and Eden Davenport presented their research at the Florida Collegiate Honors Conference. McNair, a Senior in Film & Media Arts, presented his Honors Thesis “Pie in the Sky: A Making of a BTS Documentary,” which concerned the creation of Behind the Scenes (BTS) projects capturing how films are created. McNair worked with one of the Blair Witch Project‘s director Daniel Myrick, who was filming in Tampa during his research. Davenport, a Sophomore in International Studies, presented a paper titled “Okinawan Resilience & Resistance: The U.S. Military’s Impact on the Indigenous Culture in the Post-WWII Era.” Her findings concluded that the “Japanese government treated the Okinawan people as second-class citizens, which allowed for the growth of the US military presence and accelerated loss of native heritage.” Students interested in presenting at an Honors Conference can apply to do so here: https://honorsprogram.submittable.com/submit/70712/fchc-srhc-and-nchc-conference-presentation.

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