Symposium: Jamie Harker’s The Lesbian South

Harker speaking with enthusiasm to an audience member at her symposium.

Many of the best-received symposium at the University of Tampa offer something new and fascinating for students to explore alongside an expert in any given field. Of a plethora of rarely discussed topics, southern lesbian feminism was definitely something that few knew much, if anything, about. Yet Jamie Harker, author of The Lesbian South, offered the information with such experience, enthusiasm, and intrigue that most attendees left the talk with an altered perspective. Harker presented her findings on the southern subculture of lesbian feminist literature with vigor and passion. Fellow literary figure Trysh Travis describe her landmark scholarship below:

The fact that she writes not only with insight but also with genuine affection is sweet icing on a delicious—and much needed—cake.

If you happened to miss the symposium presentation you can still find her book The Lesbian South: Southern Feminists, the Women in Print Movement, and the Queer Literary Canon here.

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