Harvard National Model United Nations – Michael Hartman

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Thanks to the UT Honors Program, I had the opportunity to travel to Boston this past weekend to take part in the 63rd Harvard National Model United Nations Conference. For four days, I represented Ghana in the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. In my sessions, we discussed solutions to the issue of protecting UNESCO cultural heritage sites during armed conflict. Instead of escalating the conflict by recommending peacekeepers be stationed around buildings and museums, Ghana pushed for increased evacuation funding and a task force to help return seized black-market artifacts to the country of origin. Working with delegations representing countries such as Russia and Australia, I was able to help pass a detailed resolution that aims to solve this global issue.

Outside of the sessions, I was able to explore the city, including visiting the Boston Common, Fenway Park, and Boston University. Through a stipend from the Honors Program, my fellow UT delegates and I were able to experience a variety of great food at restaurants throughout the area. I met students from schools ranging from Venezuela to China, and although no one from UT won an award, I feel confident that each Spartan came away with new knowledge, friends, and an appreciation for international diplomacy.

Michael Hartman, Head Delegate – HNMUN 2017

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