Oxford Abroad: Tori Walters

So far Oxford has been amazing! During our first week of orientation, we were inducted into the Bodleian Libraries where we got our Bod cards! Our nights are often spent at different pubs drinking cider and playing games. This past weekend we finally got to explore London! We had a walking tour of Westminster where we saw Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. We also got to go to Buckingham Palace! Overall, we have had a great first few weeks in Oxford. Feel free to follow my travel Instagram @torii_travels to see more of our day to day experiences!

Oxford Abroad: Hope Pohlman

The University of Oxford is absolutely incredible. The first week or so we were here, it was a lot of orientation stuff, but we got to see all of these incredibly historic sites around Oxford. The buildings are magnificent, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. And some of them date back to the early 9th century! Some of the most notable sites are the Northgate (the oldest part of Oxford), the Radcliff Camera, and the Bodleian Library. Beyond the historical sites, there are incredible cafes and pubs full of energy and incredible foods and drinks. Walking down the streets of Oxford is an experience all in itself. There is plenty to do and see, including a tour of the multiple locations used in the Harry Potter films. 

The academic experience is just as exciting, and although it’s a lot of paper writing, the focus of the material is entirely dictated by you and what you write. The tutors I have met with are incredibly skilled in their field, and one of them I have gained a lot of respect for genuinely look forward to our meeting for the chance to engage in my topic and have discussions about ideas I had previously never considered. The essay writing gets easier and easier the more you do it, and the tutors give you explicit materials to reference, so as long as you use your time wisely, it’s not incredibly difficult. Over the next 6 weeks, I know I have my work cut out for me, but I am nonetheless excited to continue exploring Oxford, meeting the other University students, and simply enjoying my time abroad. On a side note, I joined the volleyball team at Oxford and made their Women’s First Varsity team. We had our first match last Wednesday and although we lost, I had an incredible time with the girls. Joining clubs is the best way to meet other students. We have socials and ‘crewdates’ (socials with other sports teams), so I’ve really been able to meet a lot of other people. For anyone who’s looking to go to Oxford in the future, joining anything and everything that might seem interesting to you is truly the best way to meet people.

Cheers from across the pond,
Hope Pohlman

Symposium: Can Body Recomposition – Can trained individuals lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

Dr. Edourdo De Souza gave an Honors symposium about the possibility of burning fat and building muscle simultaneously. He suggested that achieving such goals are influenced by everything from nutritional intake, to sleep, to hormones. Dr. De Souza is an Asst. Professor in Health Sciences and Human Performance whose research has covered neuromuscular adaptations induced by resistance training. More specifically, his work examines the effects of different progression modes on neuromuscular, performance and body composition adaptations. This symposium will be made available under “recorded symposia” 1 to 1.5 weeks after the event.

Dr. De Souza offered this link for calculating energy expenditure. For those who’d like to read his research, he offered this article about body recomposition:

And those who would like to see his slideshow can check it out here:

This Week in Honors 11/4/2021 Email

Hello Everyone,

Please read below to learn about upcoming Honors events.

Upcoming Honors Symposium:

The Last Honors Symposium of the Semester is next Friday, November 12, from 6-7PM in the Vaughn Center Crescent Club. Dr. Eduardo De Souza, will discuss, “Body Recomposition – Can trained individuals lose fat and build muscle at the same time?”
A (free) Eventbrite ticket is required for entry, you can register for a ticket here:

Honors Program Spring 2022 Course Offerings:

Honors is offering 2 HON courses this spring:

#1: HON 255 Discovering the Leader Within (Humanities + Honors credit).

#2: HON 240: Florida’s Future: Addressing Climate Change at Home (Natural Science, Social Science, OR Humanities credit, you pick, + Honors credit). R.

Weekly Emails on UT Honors Blog:

If you’d like to find announcements from the weekly email digests or have a friend who has trouble receiving Honors emails, they’re now posted on the UT Honors blog here:

Symposia Recordings:

Having trouble getting to symposia? You can watch them here:

Complete the quiz embedded in the video and receive a score of 80% or higher.

UT Honors Off-Campus Excursion:

Until December 1st, the Honors Program will be offering an off-campus excursion that you can do with fellow Honors Program students at the Tampa Museum of Art. With your group, head to the museum across the river from campus located at 120 W. Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, FL 33602. Entry is free to all UT students if you bring your student ID. Once you arrive, take a group picture outside of the museum. Then, head inside and take a selfie in front of two different pieces of art. Then, individually fill out the Google Form below with the images along with the title and artist of the work and a two to three-sentence reflection about the artist, how you think the piece fits into the time period, or your thoughts on the artwork.
Click this link and fill out the form to receive ACE Points:


Public Policy and Covid-19 Symposium

On November 4, 2021, Dr. Aaron D. Wood gave his symposium, “COVID-19 and Agent-Based Modeling: Using Computational Simulation to Examine the Impact of Public Policy and Viral Evolution on Transmission Outcomes in Heterogeneous Populations.” Dr. Wood is a Associate Professor of Economics. He is a microeconomist and specializes in agent-based modeling. Dr. Wood’s talk focused on his current collaborative research investigating COVID-19 transmission in heterogenous populations. Honors students and Dr. Wood engaged in a lively discussion considering potential research outcomes and their impact on public policy.

UT Honors Program Service Activity- Cypress Point Beach Clean Up

Thirty-two UT Honors students spent two hours on Saturday, October 23 picking up trash at Cypress Point Park. The UT Honors Council adopted Cypress Point Park through Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful. We clean up the park and beach at least two times a year.

Symposium: How to Make Your Professors Work for You

On October 20th, Professor Kristen Foltz presented a symposium titled “How to Make Your Professors Work For You: Strategies for Developing Professional Relationships and Research Opportunities.” Professor Foltz is an Assistant Professor of Speech who specializes in public speaking, which includes business communication, professional presentations and global strategic communication. As a licensed attorney and mediator, she is also interested in conflict resolution, freedom of speech, and other legal issues relating to communication.

The talk today emphasized the benefits of making meaningful connections with professors, suggesting that it can help students’ academics, career, and on-campus success. She highlighted the ways in which students could mine professors for resources, such as learning about clubs and organizations, travel abroad, on-campus jobs, and selecting classes. She suggested that getting to know professors as people can aid with everything from networking to internships to resume reviews. Students who make an effort to reach out to their instructors have been shown to improve their academic achievement, evince a greater motivation to learn, develop leadership/communication skills, and even earn higher grades.

Professor Foltz’s talk will be uploaded after it has been processed (about a week after her talk), here.

Coffee Conversation: AI Technology and Our Everyday Lives

On October 5, 2021, Dr. Ashley Longstreet Assistant Professor of Chemistry facilitated the Coffee Conversation, “How are AI and Automation Changing Material and Drug  Discovery.”  Dr. Longstreet led the students in a discussion considering how AI factors into our everyday lives. In addition, Dr. Longstreet asked the students to think about the ways AI technology can impact their different fields of study and research.

Honors 101 Florida Aquarium Field Trip

Dr. Stephen Kromka, Assistant Professor of Communication, took his Honors 101 students to the Florida Aquarium and then to Sparkman’s Wharf for lunch. Honors 101 is a course that introduces students to the Honors Program’s curriculum and opportunities and also familiarizes them with good research practices. Community-building is an integral part of Hon 101, as students take out-of-class-experiences to get to know each other and their community.

Thinking in Place Symposium

On September 20, 2021, Dr. Stephanie Tripp gave her symposium, “Thinking in Place: Writing the Immersive Essay.” Dr. Tripp is an Associate Professor of Communication and program director for the MA in Social and Emerging Media. She specializes in the theories and practices of digital media, especially as they pertain to notions of place and community identification. Her talk was about our increasingly photorealistic spaces and places, thanks to advances in technology, which bring us immersive experiences such as the Harry Potter World at Universal and Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World and the ways in which such immersive places might inspire the way we write.