Coffee Conversation – Katie Watson’s Scarlet A

Roughly 15 Honors students joined the Honors Program Co-Directors, Dr. Tillman and Dr. Cragun, to discuss Katie Watson’s book, Scarlet A, on September 21st. The book discusses the ethics, law, and politics of abortion. The students discussed a variety of issues for the first 30 minutes and then were joined by the author for an hour-long discussion about different ideas in the book, ranging from the challenges of terminology to the stigma associated with abortion to how Roe v Wade was over-turned.

Honors Symposium – Oxford Semester Abroad

The six students who attended Oxford University with Oxford Semester Abroad in spring 2022 presented to the Honors students on Friday, September 16th. The students who presented were: Michelle Joos, Lauren Marolf, Alex Piontek, Hope Pohlman, Catie Valentino, and Tori Walters. The students described the application process, what housing is like, what the tutorials are like, and all the additional opportunities that come with studying at Oxford (sports, organizations, clubs, travel, etc.). Tori Walters documented her adventures on Instagram and Lauren Marolf made several videos to detail her experiences.