Honors 101 Florida Aquarium Field Trip

Dr. Stephen Kromka, Assistant Professor of Communication, took his Honors 101 students to the Florida Aquarium and then to Sparkman’s Wharf for lunch. Honors 101 is a course that introduces students to the Honors Program’s curriculum and opportunities and also familiarizes them with good research practices. Community-building is an integral part of Hon 101, asContinue reading “Honors 101 Florida Aquarium Field Trip”

Thinking in Place Symposium

On September 20, 2021, Dr. Stephanie Tripp gave her symposium, “Thinking in Place: Writing the Immersive Essay.” Dr. Tripp is an Associate Professor of Communication and program director for the MA in Social and Emerging Media. She specializes in the theories and practices of digital media, especially as they pertain to notions of place andContinue reading “Thinking in Place Symposium”


Pre-covid First-Year Socials Honors orientation is virtual tonight, 8/27/21, from 6pm-7pm on Zoom. A link was sent to your ut.edu email address multiple times over the last two weeks. If you’re still missing the link after searching spam/your inbox, please write uthonors@ut.edu to ask for the link to the event. The UT Honors social isContinue reading “HONORS ORIENTATION”

Honors Executive Council Car Wash

On Earth Day 2021, the Honors Executive Council, armed with a fleet of volunteers from the program, gathered to wash cars for a cause. They were raising money for a water filtration system for a local school. All products used in the car wash were eco-friendly in the spirit of the day.

Symposium: Maestro, If You Please The Radio Dramatist as Musician

Dr. Jeremy Lakoff, Professor of Instruction in English and Writing at UTampa, recently presented a symposium titled “Maestro, If You Please: The Radio Dramatist As Musician.” His talk explored the early decades of broadcasting and its intersections with modern literature, especially in representations of noise, studio spaces and professional culture. It explained how radio dramatistsContinue reading “Symposium: Maestro, If You Please The Radio Dramatist as Musician”

Florida Collegiate Honors Conference

On Feb. 13, 2021, UT Honors students Noah McNair and Eden Davenport presented their research at the Florida Collegiate Honors Conference. McNair, a Senior in Film & Media Arts, presented his Honors Thesis “Pie in the Sky: A Making of a BTS Documentary,” which concerned the creation of Behind the Scenes (BTS) projects capturing howContinue reading “Florida Collegiate Honors Conference”

Oxford Abroad Symposium

Our latest symposium featured 3 of our Honors students — Hannah Lammon, Jana de Kock, and Marcella Benner — who traveled abroad to Oxford to participate in the Oxford Study Abroad Program for a semester. The students covered everything from tutorials, interview strategies, application advice, Oxford athletics, to social/travel opportunities. Those who attend Oxford satisfyContinue reading “Oxford Abroad Symposium”

Animals in Literature and the Problem of Mass Extinction

By Drs. Cari Hovanec and Rachel Murray On January 27th, Drs. Cari Hovanec and Rachel Murray presented a symposium on Animals in Literature and the Problem of Mass Extinction. Dr. Hovanec is a Professor of Instruction in English and Writing. She is the author of Animal Subjects (2018). Her research and teaching interests include literatureContinue reading “Animals in Literature and the Problem of Mass Extinction”


All Honors students are required to achieve 100 ACE points across a year, and the typical breakdown is 40 points in Academics (4 symposia minimum); 20 points Engagement (2 social events minimum), and 40 points in any combination of academics, engagement or community service events. COVID has obviously changed this requirement; so, for Fall 2020-SpringContinue reading “ACE POINTS IN THE AGE OF COVID”


Dr. Kristian Taylor, a Professor of Instruction in Biology at UT whose research focuses on marine invertebrates, led the latest coffee conversation on the pros and cons of ecotourism. Students discussed the efficacy of environmental activism, whether it’s conducted through ecotourism, raising awareness on social media, or via monetary donations. Coffee conversations are relaxed, inclusiveContinue reading “COFFEE CONVERSATION: PROS & CONS OF ECOTOURISM”