ace bet business card
ace bet business card
ACE points stand for Academics, Community Service, and Engagement
And are meant to incentive greater participation in Honors.
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All Honors students are required to achieve 100 ACE points across a year, and the typical breakdown is 40 points in Academics (4 symposia minimum); 20 points Engagement (2 social events minimum), and 40 points in any combination of academics, engagement or community service events.

COVID has obviously changed this requirement; so, for Fall 2020-Spring 2021, ACE points requirements are as follows: 40 points in Academics (4 Zoom symposia minimum); 20 points online service, which you can select from or any online service opportunity that is meaningful to you; and 40 points in Academics, Community Service, or Engagement. To receive service points, take a picture of yourself engaging in your virtual service opportunity and send it to

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To get service credit, take a picture of yourself conducting your service online & send it to
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Engagement points can be earned through any virtual social events that the Honors Executive Committee hosts, all of which are currently being planned and will be announced once details are solidified. Each engagement event is 10 points.

Extra academic points can be earned by exceeding the symposia attendance requirement, presenting at a virtual conference, getting a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal, writing a thesis, or receiving a research grant (such as an Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Grant).

Extra community service points can be earned by engaging in more service events than already required. Each hour of service = 10 points.

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