Honors Symposia – Caleb Smith

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On Friday, February 16th, 2018, Dr. Caleb Smith of Yale University, presented an English and Writing Symposium that was co-sponsored by the Honors Program on his recently published book, The Life and Adventures of a Haunted Convict: Austin Reed. Austin Reed was a black prison inmate in New York during the 1800s who wrote about what it was like to be in prison during that time period. In his presentation, Dr. Smith discussed the process of converting Austin Reed’s writing into a readable manuscript and the various findings that resulted, including finding that parts of the manuscript were plagiarized and other parts were fanciful imaginings that didn’t actually happen.

Honors Symposia – Mary Martinasek

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On Monday, February 26th, Dr. Mary Martinasek, from UT’s Public Health department, presented on Inhalational Marijuana. Dr. Martinasek discussed the history of the marijuana plant, its varied uses, the medical research into marijuana, then focused on her own research on the health consequences of smoking marijuana.

Oxford – Hayley Alexander

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Oxford is such a historic and beautiful city to be able to live and study in. The tutorial system that Oxford University utilizes is considerably effective in helping me fully understand the topics I am studying. My molecular biology and pharmacology tutorials keep me very busy, but I am enjoying learning about these areas in a new way. I meet with my tutor either every week or every other week to go over the essay I had written for that session in depth, discuss any questions I may have, and then pick a topic for the next essay. Some of my favorite study spots include the Christ Church Library and the Radcliffe Camera. The Oxford Study Abroad Program has organized many trips and the ones I have attended so far include trips to London and Hampton Court Palace, which I have really enjoyed. So far, this experience has allowed me to gain independence, personally and educationally, while giving me the opportunity to meet a wide range of people that I would not have otherwise met. I am having such a positive experience here in Oxford and I am excited to discover even more about this wonderful city.

Honors Symposia – Dan Berger

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On Thursday, February 22nd, Dr. Dan Berger from the University of Washington presented to Honors students on his recent book, Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era. In his book, Dr. Berger illustrates that civil rights activists used the prison system both to help organize their activism and as a symbol of racial oppression.

Dr. Ryan Cragun and Dr. Kacy Tillman

It’s only an honor when you have to earn it

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We want to thank Sara Richardson for her article in The Minaret last week. As the Directors of the Honors Program, we love to see our students think critically and engage in public discussions and debates. Sara’s article does just that by raising a number of concerns in a public forum. Additionally, Sara’s article has helped us realize not only that the changes we are making to the Honors Program are being felt by the students but that we can also do a better job explaining our rationale for the changes we are making. In short, we welcome Sara’s invitation to talk about the direction we are taking the Honors Program at UT.

To provide a little background, Dr. Cragun became the Director of the Honors Program in June 2016. Dr. Tillman became the Associate Director in September of 2016. Together, we have…

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Making News – Jason Behnke


Jason Behnke with Dr. Jen Wortham

Honors Program student Jason Behnke, who recently presented his research on aspects of the UT experience that contribute to student satisfaction at the Florida Collegiate Honors Council conference, has been featured on the UT website. The article discusses the research he conducted with Dr. Jen Wortham.