Harvard National Model United Nations – Michael Hartman

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Thanks to the UT Honors Program, I had the opportunity to travel to Boston this past weekend to take part in the 63rd Harvard National Model United Nations Conference. For four days, I represented Ghana in the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. In my sessions, we discussed solutions to the issue of protecting UNESCO cultural heritage sites during armed conflict. Instead of escalating the conflict by recommending peacekeepers be stationed around buildings and museums, Ghana pushed for increased evacuation funding and a task force to help return seized black-market artifacts to the country of origin. Working with delegations representing countries such as Russia and Australia, I was able to help pass a detailed resolution that aims to solve this global issue.

Outside of the sessions, I was able to explore the city, including visiting the Boston Common, Fenway Park, and Boston University. Through a stipend from the Honors Program, my fellow UT delegates and I were able to experience a variety of great food at restaurants throughout the area. I met students from schools ranging from Venezuela to China, and although no one from UT won an award, I feel confident that each Spartan came away with new knowledge, friends, and an appreciation for international diplomacy.

Michael Hartman, Head Delegate – HNMUN 2017

Harvard National Model United Nations – Regina Cannon

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When I signed up for PSCH 212, I was so scared. I knew as a nursing major it wasn’t really in my “field of expertise,” but I was interested in the WHO and administrative work involved in health promotion worldwide through the UN. I decided to ignore my fears and go for it. My fears became VERY prevalent when I stepped into the lobby of the Boston Park Plaza and saw hundreds of students from around the world in business attire. I remind you my usual business attire is limited to scrubs and I only owned one pant suit…so all of this was very intimidating. Despite this, I ignored my fears and put on a poker face as I participated in my first ever HNMUN as a delegate representing Ghana in the General Assembly on the SST. I delegated for hours, drafted resolutions with people from nations like China, Venezuela, and South Korea, and universities like Yale and U Penn. I ignored my fears and did what I thought would be impossible for someone who has no experience in the world of politics. I have never been so exhausted in my life, but I walked away knowing that while I may be going to school to save lives in hospitals, there are so many people lobbying to save lives through the work of writing resolutions on the behalf of the UN. It was an amazing, eye-opening experience. I cannot thank Dr. Fridy enough for providing me with the skills going into this conference and the Honors Program for providing me with this opportunity. Thank you all so much for encouraging me to push myself just a little bit further.

Regina Cannon, Nursing major (class of 2019)

Oxford – Kamakshi and Katie in the English Lake District

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While the tutorials at Oxford are challenging, there is, occasionally, time to go exploring (which is what the Honors Program is really all about). Two of the students studying at Oxford this semester found some time to see a bit more of England.  Here’s what Kamakshi Dadhwal wrote about her travels:

I am very excited to tell you that I have become a part of the Student Switchoff campaign here at Oxford to help conserve energy in an inter-college competition. Also, I gave up on trying to attend lectures in other disciplines of my interest and have started attending lectures on the works of philosophers like Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, and Locke. They are quite enjoyable and a wonderful way to find friends.

Katie Stockdale and I went to see the English Lake District last weekend so I could visit Dove Cottage (the house of one of my favourite poets: William Wordsworth) and see the magnificent lake Windermere. We chanced upon the house of Beatrix Potter (the author of the classic Peter Rabbit stories). It was delightful.

Today, we went to Warwick Castle and Stratford Upon Avon. It was so enchanting to see the place where Shakespeare was born.  It was even more amazing to see a bust of Shri Rabindranath Tagore (a Bengali playwright and poet of the 19th century who is known as the Shakespeare of India) in Shakespeare’s garden. VERY cool.

Harvard National Model United Nations – 2017 Delegation


The 2017 University of Tampa Delegation to the Harvard National Model United Nations just returned from an exciting weekend in Boston.  The students represented Ghana at the conference.  The delegation was made up of the following students: Maite Ayala, Julia Boorse, Jennifer Campbell, Regina Cannon, Michael Hartman, Arden Igleheart, Brianna Jones, Juhi Kore, Madison Lawson, Lucy Sherman, Angelina Yearwood, Matthew Youngster, and Ioana Zanchi.